What Do We Do?

Many people wonder “What are the Executive, Staff, and Committees of our Union doing?” The below list shows you some of the breadth of the activities of the UTGSU. We encourage all graduate students to get involved! The Executive will also be responding to the UTGSU Council and our membership throughout the year, creating campaigns, responding to the Administration, and fighting, as always, to defend graduate students.


2013/2014 Committees

Open-Membership Committees:

Each year, the UTGSU Executive strikes the committees of the Union. Each committee works on a number of long-term and more immediate issues that have been identified as needing particular emphasis. All members of the UTGSU are welcome and encouraged to become active with these 2012/13 Committees, listed below.

Civics Committee
Chair: Susanne Waldorf
Vice-Chair: Derek Larson (General Member)
Other Executive Members: Jaby Mathew, Akshita Vincent, Jessica Gallinger

Policy and Operations Committee
Chair: Jessica Gallinger
Vice-Chair: Derek Larson (General Member)
Other Executive Members: Brad Evoy
Staff: Gail Fernando

Equity & Advocacy Committee
Chair: Brad Evoy
Vice-Chair: Natasha Jamal (General Council Member)

Environmental Justice & Sustainability (EJS) Committee
Chair: Susanne Waldorf
Vice-Chair: Kim Holten (General Member)

Research, Education & Governance (REG) Committee
Chair: Aman Gebru
Vice-Chair: Akshita Vincent
Other Executive Members: Jaby Mathew

Hart House ad hoc Committee
Facilitator: Jaby Mathew (ourhouse@utgsu.ca)

Anti-Calendar Working Group (ad hoc Committee)
Chair: Michael Johns (General Member)
Executive Member Liaison: Akshita Vincent

Graduate Student Mental Health ad hoc Committee
Co-Chairs: Caroline Cormier (General Member) & Rachael Pascoe (General Member) (mentalhealth@utgsu.ca)
Executive Liaison: Nora Zwingerman

Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions ad hoc Committee
Chair: Susanne Waldorf


Set-Membership Committees

Periodically throughout the year, the General Council strikes committees as mandated by the By-laws and Policies to fulfill specific functions related to the operations of the Union. Each committee works on a specific task that have been identified as needing annual work and implementation.

Chair: Aman Gebru
Other Members: Jeanne Mathieu‐Lessard (Div. 1), Hélène Desgagnés (Div. 2), David Chartash (Div. 3), Nicole Escalante (Div. 4)
Staff: Carol Ramm (Finance Administrator)


Subcommittees of the Executive Committee

Human Resources
Chair: Lily Liang
Other Executive Members: Akshita Vincent, Brad Evoy, Jessica Gallinger

Building Management
Chair: Jessica Gallinger
Other Executive Members: Brad Evoy
Staff: Shain Dhalla, Carol Ramm


2013/2014 Caucuses

International Students’ Caucus
Co-Chairs: Stephanie Shaw (General Member), Yan Wang (General Member) (isc@utgsu.ca)
Executive Liaison: Jaby Mathew
Other Executive Members: Lily Liang

Women & Trans* People Caucus
Chair: Ashleigh Ingle (General Member)
Executive Liaison: Nora Zwingerman
Staff: Michelle St-Amour

Queer Caucus
Chair: Jayesh (General Member) (queer@utgsu.ca)
Executive Liaison: Susanne Waldorf
Staff: Michelle St-Amour


Member-Supported Organizations

Allied Organizations

University of Toronto Academic and Governing Bodies

University of Toronto Student Services and External Committees