SGS Intramurals

If you’re interested in staying active and having fun while meeting fellow grad students, join one or more of the SGS intramural teams.  Players of ALL skill levels are welcome!


The University of Toronto offers intramural leagues across a variety of sports at the beginning of each of the 3 academic terms in a given year.  These sports are available to all students and staff who have paid Athletic Centre fees for the term.

Intramural teams across UofT are organized according to recognized colleges & faculties.  For a full listing of recognized colleges/faculties, sports and rules & regulations please go to
Since the School of Graduate Studies is a recognized college/faculty, SGS Teams vying for a spot in certain leagues will receive priority over independent teams. SGS ballots for teams at the beginning of each term in a lottery that determines which colleges/faculties get teams for each sport. The number and types of teams that SGS ballots for depends on student interest and the likelihood of being able to field a certain team.


Each term a variety of sports are offered for all skill levels (Division I – competitive, Division II – intermediate, Division III – recreational). The majority of games are played in the late afternoon and evening during the week, with some games played on the weekend.  Typically each season lasts 5 to 8 weeks + playoffs. In addition, some sports are offered strictly in tournament format, which typically runs over the course of one or two days.

The following league sports are offered:

Fall Term

Co-Ed: Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball
Men’s: Basketball, Flag Football, Hockey (Contact/NonContact), Rugby, Soccer, Volleyball
Women’s: Basketball, Field Hockey, Flag Football, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Volleyball

Winter Term

Co-Ed: Innertube Water Polo, Volleyball
Men’s: Basketball, Hockey (Contact/Non Contact), Indoor Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Waterpolo
Women’s: Basketball, Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball

Summer Term (additional fees may be required because graduate student fees do not include summer athletic fees) 

Co-Ed: Softball, Ultimate Frisbee
Men’s: Soccer

Complementing the league sports above, individual and team tournaments are also offered for broomball, floorball, softball (fall), European handball, indoor cricket, badminton, golf, squash, tennis and triathalon. Please see for more information about tournament dates and deadlines.


As long as you are a member of the AC, you are allowed to participate.  Each team is required to pay a refundable $50 performance bond at the beginning of the season. The payment of this fee will be the responsibility of each individual team.

If you would like to submit a team OR would like to join a team, please contact an SGS Intramural representative at with your name, student number, department and interested sport(s) (division and co-ed/men’s/women’s).

The lottery/ballot meeting at the beginning of each term is followed by a Captain’s meeting for each sport, where rules are reviewed amd schedules are distributed for the upcoming season.

Please note: Not all teams are guaranteed spots in a league. The lottery process determines which teams are invited to join a league.

If you have any questions or require further information about intramurals, please an SGS intramural rep at

SGS intramural reps for 2008/09: Laura Tan & Anne Mullen Grey