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About the Committee

The Research, Education & Governance Committee aims to represent student interests in the areas of academic requirements and supervision, academic research work conditions, academic disputes and conduct, program structure and planning, course quality, student funding and fees.

The mandate of the Research, Education & Governance Committee is to give you the opportunity to bring your Academic and Funding problems to the GSU so that together we can help contribute to finding solutions to these problems. In addition, the committee acts through a number of groups and councils, such as the School of Graduate Studies, Faculties and Provostial Advisory Groups to enact solutions.

The Committee is actively working on a number of different initiatives. The GSU shall continue to push the University to review tuition and ancillary fees and we need course unions to work with us to identify fees that should be removed. The Committee shall keep working with course unions to address concerns with the quality of their program. Other campaigns involve working with course unions to get increased stipends, active lobbying for a fair Arts & Science restructuring plan, changes in the Doctorate Completion Award procedures, advocating for the return of the reduced Post Residency Fees policy and participation in efforts to improve the conditions of the minimum funding package for graduate students.

Graduate students at the University of Toronto need better quality education and research opportunities. If you want to help us reach these goals then please join with us. We learn and work within a huge and diverse university, but through our cooperative efforts, no student is forced to go it alone.


Research, Education & Governance Committee Legislative Program 2014-2015

Research, Education & Governance Committee Legislative Program 2014-2015 [pdf]


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