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Important Message from your Health Plan Administrator

As you may have heard in media reports, thousands of websites around the world have been attacked by Internet hackers exploiting a bug called Heartbleed. The bug is found in a commonly used type of Internet encryption software known as OpenSSL, and allows hackers to access Internet transactions thought to be secured. This means that users’ private information, including banking and credit card information, passwords, usernames, and content of communications (such as emails and instant messages) may have been compromised.

The websites affected by Heartbleed include big names such as Facebook, Gmail, Tumblr, Yahoo, Dropbox, and even the Canada Revenue Agency. However, I am pleased to assure you that the “” website does not use OpenSSL and is NOT affected by this issue. Our Broker, Student Care Networks, data and security team works around the clock to validate the security of their servers, ensuring the protection of your information, even under the threat of attack from bugs like Heartbleed.

Though your personal information has not been compromised by their website, we advise you to take the appropriate measures to protect yourself against security threats elsewhere on the web. Please visit websites such as for further information.

***Opt-in/Opt-out for 2013-2014 is now CLOSED***

Our Health and Dental Insurance Office

UTGSU Building
16 Bancroft Ave, Toronto, M5S 1C1
Phone: (416) 978-8465

Regular Hours
Monday – Friday: 10am – 4pm


Teaching Assistants Receipts

The Health and Dental Office will no longer be issuing family receipts starting 2013-2014 academic year. The family opt-in is now done on line through Ihaveaplan. Once your application to add dependents was processed, you would have received a confirmation email which includes your dependent names, what coverage you purchased and the amount you paid. This is your receipt to make your claims from the Health Care Spending Account.


Opt-in/Opt-out 2013-2014

The Change of Coverage Period is now CLOSED.


Opt-Out Refunds (2013-2014)

If you opted out during the 2013-2014 opt out period, you will receive a full refund, however, it is divided into two installments. The first installment cheque will be mailed to you in November. The second installment will be mailed to you in March after Studentcare will receive the list of students registered for the Winter. You DO NOT need to opt out again in January.


Blackout Period

There is a blackout period until March 1st for students who started in January. If you make purchases or receive treatments covered under the Plan during this period, please hold on to your receipts and mail your claims to Green shield after March 1st to be processed. Remember to include the original receipts with the completed claim form. You can also go to the Green shield website and sign up for online services so that your claims can be deposited directly into your account.


General Information

The Graduate Students Health Plan provides students with unique health benefits. The plan, administered by the UTGSU, was designed to provide many important services and cover expenses not covered by a basic health-care plan (i.e. OHIP), or the equivalent (UHIP for international students) such as prescription drugs, health practitioners, medical equipment, travel health coverage, and more.

Most Plan benefits are effective across Canada and anywhere in the world for the duration of the coverage. Reimbursements are in Canadian funds and are calculated at the exchange rate of the day the claim is processed. Reimbursement is limited to what the service would have cost if done in Canada.


UTGSU Health & Dental Insurance Coverage Booklet

The 2013-2014 UTGSU Health & Dental Insurance Coverage Booklet can be downloaded here:

UTGSU HDI Coverage Booklet [pdf]


UTGSU has partnered with the leading provider of student health and dental plans in Canada. Also new this year is the online enrolment for Couple and Family; which can be done at Students looking to enroll in to the “12 Month Extension” can do so by downloading a form at and bring it in to the UTGSU Health and Dental Office. welcomes you to visit their website: for information regarding your coverage, opt-outs and enrolment, or, call the UTGSU dedicated support line at: 1-866-858-4436.

UTGSU in partnership with has partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart to give our members an extra 10% prescriptions and life brand products. Discount will be applied to your co-pay, up to a maximum of $50. Savings are applicable only to prescriptions covered under the student health plan once the Blackout period is over. For more information visit:


Health and Dental Coverage: Who is Covered?

Full and part-time graduate students are automatically covered by the UTGSU Dental Plan (except Toronto School of Theology, see “Who is not covered” below), but only full-time graduate students are automatically covered by the Health Plan. Part-time students are not eligible for/covered by the health plan. Please visit the website for important benefit plan information and to view the detailed Benefit Booklet.

Coverage for students that begin in the fall semester will start September 1st. However, Green shield is unable to process your claims or confirm your eligibility until they receive your enrolment information in early November from the University. Please keep your receipts for any claims that you incur until your coverage is activated (approximately November 15th), and then submit them to Green Shield Canada for processing. Claiming instructions are included under “How to claim” section on the website. The cost of the plan for an individual student is covered by the UTGSU Fee.

Students starting in the summer session (May to August) – are charged the upcoming academic year fees. Coverage begins in September.


Health and Dental Exceptions: Who is Not Covered?

1) Students who are not Graduate Students (such as post-degree students, students on leave of absence, incoming exchange students from another university).

2) Toronto School of Theology graduate students are covered by UTSU’s insurance plan. If you are one of these students, go to UTSU’s website or call 416-978-4911 X 227 for more information.


Health and Dental Coverage: Who Else can Get Coverage?

Your spouse, partner, and/or children may be eligible to join your plan. Please see the Family Coverage page for more information.


Opting-Out: Is Coverage Mandatory?

If you are a student that already has equivalent insurance, you may opt-out of the UTGSU’s health and dental plans. OHIP and UHIP alone are not equivalent plans. You must opt-out annually, at the beginning of the term you are first registered in. Students who missed the deadline in the Fall cannot opt out again until the following year. You cannot rejoin the plan after you have opted-out, so check the expiry date on your insurance. For more information, please see the Opting-Out page.


Travel Insurance: Emergency Medical Coverage

Travel coverage is for 120 days of each trip. Students who are leaving on a recognized academic exchange are also covered for the duration of their exchange and for another 120 days before and after their approved exchange. They must remain members of the UTGSU, pay fees to University of Toronto including the Health Plan fee and keep their provincial health-care coverage.

Travel Insurance covers hospital, physician, and other services for emergency treatment of an injury or illness while travelling outside of the province in which you reside (including international travel). Repatriation is covered up to $7,500 CAD. The maximum coverage is $5,000,000 CAD per incident.


Graduated: Does Coverage Continue?

Students who have graduated can keep their coverage after graduation for a fee. Please see the Extended Insurance page for more information.


More Information

Please see the FAQs for answers to additional Health and Dental Insurance related questions before contacting our offices.

If you have any questions regarding the UTGSU Health & Dental Insurance Plan, please contact:
phone: 1-866-369-8797

If you have any questions regarding your claims or have any claims eligibility questions please contact:

Green Shield Canada: 1-888-711-1119; or the UTGSU Insurance Office: 16 Bancroft Ave.;