SGS Intramurals

January 27th, 2017

SGS Intramural Sign-up info!

SGS Intramurals are one of the best ways to meet new grad student friends, get some exercise, and have some fun playing recreational or moderately competitive sports. We offer almost every sport at multiple levels to create one of the biggest, and most welcoming programs here at U of T. 
The whole school has moved to an online registration system that allows us to track who would like to participate and have messaging capabilities to reach all participants and count attendance. Simply follow these steps to find out what teams we offer, see the schedules and sign up:
1. Create an account at IMLeagues:
2. Look through the various sports offered (basically all!) and the different levels. Click on the level you wish to play in and register for the “SGS” team. If you do not see an “SGS” team at that level, check the other levels, or send me an email suggesting that you wish to play in a level we are not offering!
3. Take note of the schedule that is associated with that team and come out to the games.
Registration happens between September 5 to September 22. Seasons typically begins on September 22. Each league usually plays on consistent times of the week, but some compete for facility space and are less consistent.
For more information, please email