UTGSU Digest: Gradfest & Petition Against White Supremacist Rally on Campus – August 17, 2017.

August 17th, 2017


1. Gradfest: UTGSU Fall Orientation
2. Gradfest: Volunteer for the UTGSU Gradfest
3. UTGSU Executive Committee’s Statement and Petition Against White Supremacy
4. UTGSU Office Hours of Operation for the Fall
5. Free Graduate Student Intramurals
6. Book the UTGSU Gym for September
7. Pick Up Your Free 2017-2018 UTGSU Resource Guide
8. Grad Minds Recruiting Executives

1. Gradfest: UTGSU Fall Orientation
Join us on September 6 from 4-8pm at Gradfest, our Fall Orientation, to kick off the 2017-2018 academic year! If you’re an incoming or returning University of Toronto graduate student, stop by for a free BBQ dinner, to learn more about graduate student specific services on campus, pick up some free swag and play some games with your graduate students’ union. For more information about Gradfest, visit: UTGSU Gradfest.

2. Gradfest: Volunteer for the UTGSU Gradfest
We are seeking enthusiastic and reliable UTGSU Members to help us run Gradfest on September 6! To volunteer, please contact Ally at communications@utgsu.ca with your name, preferred email, phone number and availability between 12 and 9PM.  Duties will include, but are not limited to: setting up, running activities, assisting info fair participants and clean-up. Volunteers will receive a gift card. We will also be holding a volunteer training session on August 22 from 5-7PM. Please note that you are still able to volunteer even if you’re unable to attend the training session as we will be providing a link to the filmed training afterwards.

3. UTGSU Executive Committee’s Statement and Petition Against White Supremacy
Earlier this week a Facebook event surfaced online of plans to host a white supremacist rally on The University of Toronto’s St. George campus.While The University of Toronto has reported the event to Facebook, asking them to remove it and has publicly stated that no “official booking” for the space was made, the administration of The University of Toronto has not stated that they are working to put measures in place to prevent any collective organizing of this nature happening from this group on our campus.We are asking all graduate students to sign our petition, asking The University of Toronto to develop and implement proactive measures that protects its Members and prevents the campuses of The University of Toronto to act as sites of bigotry. Sign here: Petition Against White Supremacy.

4. UTGSU Office Hours of Operation for the Fall
On Tuesday, August 22, the UTGSU Office will be operating with our Fall business hours. The main UTGSU Office will be open from Monday through to Friday from 10am to 5pm. The Health and Dental Insurance Office will be open from Monday through to Thursday from 10am to 4pm and Friday from 10am to 3pm. More information regarding ISIC drop-in hours will be promoted in next week’s digest.

5. Free Graduate Student Intramurals
The UTGSU, with support from SGS, have subsidized costs for all graduate students to participate in free intramural sports. To gauge what sports, teams and divisions graduate students are interested in having, we ask you fill out the following form: Graduate Student Intramurals. This will help the Intramural Coordinator tailor the Intramural session for the Fall Semester. Stay tuned for an email at in Mid-September for a confirmed list of sports, teams and divisions for the Fall semester. If you have any questions, or accessibility requests, please email the Intramural Coordinator, Peter Nash, at sgs.intramurals@gmail.com.

6. Book the UTGSU Gym for September
The UTGSU gym will reopen on September 18th. Daytime bookings can be made for 10 am to 5pm year round.  Daytime gym use is restricted to quiet activities such as yoga, meditation and singles badminton. The UTGSU Gym time for September 2017 can be reserved on September 1, 2017, beginning at 10:00 am by calling 416-978-8464 or emailing gym@utgsu.ca. Names and Student ID numbers are verified when booking for one hour time slots. Students must provide their TCARD upon request. All players must be UTGSU Members or 75% of the group must meet this percentage. Gym violations will result in a booking privilege suspension for four months. For a full list of gym activities, visit: UTGSU Gym.

7. Pick Up Your Free 2017-2018 UTGSU Resource Guide
The free 2017-2018 UTGSU Resource Guide is available for pick up at the UTGSU Office, located at 16 Bancroft Avenue in the basement offices during our office hours. The UTGSU Resource Guide contains important information about the health and dental plan, Membership fees, graduate student specific resources and a full 2017-2018 calendar. If you have any questions about the Resource Guide, please email: info@utgsu.ca or call: (416) 978-2391. 

8. Grad Minds Recruiting Executives
Grad Minds is recruiting executive positions for the 2017-18 academic year. A number of leadership and other positions are available. Applicants MUST be registered graduate students at the University of Toronto. Details about the available positions are attached. To apply, please send a brief resume (max. 2 pages) highlighting your interest and/or experience in student leadership to mentalhealth@utgsu.ca by September 8th, 2017. All positions available at Grad Minds are volunteer positions. If you have any questions, please email us at mentalhealth@utgsu.ca. For more information visit: Grad Minds Executive Positions

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