Executive-at-Large 1 Election

April 4th, 2017



Job Type: Contract
Job Industry: 
Student Governance 
Job Location: 
University of Toronto, St.George campus
Date to Apply By:
April 25 at 6:10 p.m. 
A gross annual of $5,299.65 

Interested in joining the UTGSU Executive? Consider becoming an Executive-at-Large 1? This position is open to any UTGSU Member.

Duties include the activities supporting the 2017-2018 Executive Legislative Program, representing the UTGSU on various committees, attending a weekly Executive meetings and a monthly General Council meeting, and writing weekly reports outlining your activities.

The honorarium is a gross annual of $5,299.65. Elections for this position will be held during the next General Council meeting on Tuesday, 25 April, 6:10pm, at Koffler House, Room 108 (569 Spadina Crescent).

For more information, or an accessibility request, please contact the Internal Commissioner at: internal@utgsu.ca.