Get to Know Your Candidates


Academic and Funding Commissioner Div. 1&2:

Christopher Ball

As Academics and Funding Commissioner for Divisions 1&2 I will ensure that all academic and funding disputes are resolved fairly and efficiently. I will also work diligently to support and coordinate with CUPE 3902 to ensure that we will be in a strong position to advocate for improved graduate student funding as we enter yet another bargaining year. Finally, I will move to redirect spending from non-essentials like UTGSU branded agendas to more impactful causes like increased funding for student services, UTGSU fee increase freezes, improved course union head grants, and bolstering the UTGSU’s graduate student research and travel funds.

Academic and Funding Commissioner Div. 3&4:

Andrea Constantinof

I’m a 3rd year Phd Candidate in the department of Physiology. I’ve been the Academics and Funding Commissioner for Divisions 3 and 4 for the past 2 years, and have been able to achieve things such as, limiting the amount of employment income that is allowed to contribute to the stipend, the funding complaint process, a 3.5% funding increase for the Faculty of Medicine, funding for SGS intramurals, and the elimination of graduate student summer gym fees. This year I want to further increase funding packages and improve graduate professional development opportunities.

Civics & Environment Commissioner:

Leonardo Jose Uribe Castano

I hope to bring together the university in activities that aim to generate environmental campaigns and engage most of graduate students in the problems that the University of Toronto is facing.

External Commissioner:

Cristina Jaimungal

Cristina Jaimungal is a PhD student in the Department of Social Justice Education (SJE) and Comparative, International, and Development Education (CIDE) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). As External Commissioner, Cristina has successfully advocated for increased access to post-secondary education. She has also strongly supported racialized, Indigenous, and international student issues. Focusing on anti-racism and mental health, Cristina’s organizing work strives to put the needs of graduate students first. Cristina holds a BA with Honours in English and Professional Writing from York University and an MA in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning from OISE.

Finance & University Governance Commissioner:

Brieanne Berry-Crossfield

I am seeking your support in my re-election as your Finance and University Governance Commissioner! As the largest graduate student body in Canada, I believe that our strength lie in our numbers and with your support, I’m excited to keep building. My goal is to continue the momentum that has been established: keeping students informed and involved within the functions and services of the University of Toronto, advocating and creating awards opportunities for graduate students, especially those in the unfunded cohort, as well as building stronger campus coalitions and bringing our diverse student population together.

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Yecid Ortega-Paez

I have been a financial coordinator for the Students’ Association for the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning (CTL) at OISE/UofT for three years. As a friend and advocate of quality academic and personal growth, I have taken leadership in coordinating several academic presentations, cultural events, and study groups. As financial coordinator, I make sure that all activities are funded and balanced to accomplish our goals of making a vibrant culturally and linguistically diverse community at OISE and in the department. Budgeting and accounting are key to accomplish these goals that need to be offered to our community.


Internal Commissioner:

Sarah Cooper

Hi friends! My name is Sarah Cooper and I would love to be elected your next UTGSU Internal Commissioner. I am passionate about our students’ union and am committed to always representing your needs and interests. Being a graduate student can be really tough, and I will do whatever I can to make it easier – through social events, effective lobbying, and ensuring the UTGSU is your home on campus. This past year I served as the Executive at-Large and supported the coordination of events and bylaw and policy review and I hope to continue doing that next year.