Letter From the Executive

May 2012

To our fellow graduate students,

Welcome to your Union – the Graduate Students’ Union at the University of Toronto, Local 19 of the Canadian Federation of Students! GSU is your democratic voice, which represents over 14,000 full-time and part-time graduate students. Our role is to improve the life and the environment of graduate students at the University. Your elected representatives work with you to defend your right to a public post-secondary education, promote equity and social justice, and act to ensure the University is working in your best interest. The GSU Council is the central decision-making body of the Union, which consists of the Executive, representatives from your Course Union and other important groups within our membership. Each part of Council and the Course Unions have vital roles to play within our structure and throughout all three of our campuses.

GSU is proudly a founding member of the Canadian Federation of Students. Through the Federation we work nationally and provincially with other students’ unions for a high-quality, accessible, public post-secondary education system. By working collectively, we are able to accomplish much more than we would on our own.

We encourage you to get involved with GSU. There are a number of sub-committees that meet throughout the year to promote campaigns, issues and events. Our sub-committees are vital to the work that we do on behalf of all graduate students.

Throughout the year we will provide invaluable information on GSU, our services, the Federation, issues and advocacy work, and course unions. As well, you can always look to your Union for useful insights about the broader University including information on University policy and processes. We hope to enable you to navigate the University more effectively as you commence your degree and move toward degree completion. Such information can be found in our own handbook, which will be available starting in September and through regular updates on our website throughout the year.

GSU’s staff is available to help you with health and dental insurance, gym bookings, funding inquiries, academic appeals, course union management and any questions you might have about your Union.

Please give us a call or drop by to ask a question, get more information or get involved. We sincerely hope you have a great year.

Yours in peace and solidarity,

The GSU Executive (2012-2013)