CFS Annual General Meetings

Twice a year, in both the national and provincial components of the Canadian Federation of Students, students gather from across the country and determine aspects of the Federation’s policies, campaigns and services through General Meetings.

The Executive  wish to make our part in this process more accessible to our members and, indeed, to allow members the ability to take part in some fashion in decision-making that will soon take place.

As such, we will be posting our currently submitted motions for comment here in this space for the upcoming AGM and, in future, expanding this capacity through other initiatives.

The Next CFS-AGM is:
National – June 5th to June 8th in Ottawa, Ontario.

UTGSU Motions:

Full Motions Package:

Coming soon!

If the site does not preview the document properly, please view the document here:


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Previous AGM Motions Packages:

 Year  National  Ontario
 2012-13 May August
 November  January
 2013-14 May  August
 November  January

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