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Nickie Van Lier , Civics and Environment Commissioner (


Philip Baiden , Academics and Funding Commissioner, Divs 1&2



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About the Committee

The Civics Committee shall act as the body that coordinates efforts to deal with issues of civic engagement in all its forms. The Committee shall engage in campaigns to increase member, campus and community involvement in democratic governance within wider society.

This committee is open to all members and its work will strive to make all members of the U of T community more engaged in all levels of government, and to make this City a better place to live, work and play.


Year-End Report: April 2015

Please see the Committee’s year-end report and review of the Legislative Program here: Year-End Report 2015 [pdf]


Civics Committee Legislative Program 2014-2015

Civics Committee Legislative Program 2014-2015 [pdf]


Civics Committee News

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Video on Reduced Post-Residency Fees

Your UTGSU has been campaigning for Post-Residency Fees at U of T for graduate students. But, wait is UTGSU trying to institute a new fee for its members? NO, NOT AT All. Watch this video prepared by the UTGSU Civics Committee for more information!


Civics Committee Agendas & Highlights

Agendas (2014-15) Highlights (2014-15)
November 2014 Agenda: November 11 Highlights: November 11
October 2014 Agenda: October 7 Highlights: October 7
September 2014 Agenda: September 9 Highlights: September 9
June 2014 Agenda: June 16 Highlights: June 16


Civics Committee Agendas & Highlights 2013-2014

Agendas (2013-14) Highlights (2013-14)
August 2013 Agenda: August 19 Highlights: August 19
September 2013 Agenda: September 11 Highlights: September 11
October 2013 Agenda: October 3 Highlights: October 3
Agenda: October 24 Highlights: October 24
December 2013 Agenda: December 5 Highlights: December 5
January 2014 Agenda: January 10 Highlights: January 10
February 2014 Agenda: February 5 Highlights: February 5
April 2014 Agenda: April 4 Highlights: April 4

Agendas from 2012-2013

Agendas (2012-13)
September 27th 2012 September 2012
October 11th 2012 October 2012
October 22nd 2012
November 19th 2012 November 2012
December 4th 2012 December 2012
January 31st 2013 January 2013
February 14th 2013 February 2013
February 28th 2013
March 28th 2013 March 2013
April 2013 April 2013