Environmental Justice and Sustainability Committee


Leonardo Jose Uribe Castano, Civics and Environment Commissioner (civics@utgsu.ca)


Laila Strazds (Masters of Education, Adult Education and Community Development)


Jackie Koyama

Nattapol Ruangsri (Department of Italian studies)

Sam Stead, Executive At Large

About the Committee

The Environmental Justice and Sustainability Committee (EJSC) coordinates efforts to deal with issues of environmental justice and promotion of sustainable policies and practices that the Union has decided to undertake.
As well, the Committee acts together with other community and campus groups in this work.

This committee is open to all members and its work will strive to make U of T a more sustainable community.

EJSC Agendas (2018-2019)


October October 25th
November November 15th
December December 10th
January January 24th
February February 19th
February February 21st
March March 18th
April April 4th

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