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Mental Health Magazine

Are you passionate about student mental health and wellbeing? The University of Toronto will be launching a student-led Mental Health Magazine at our St. George campus. Spearheaded by Grad Minds, this initiative is aimed at promoting mental health awareness on campus, advancing our current knowledge/perception, and creating a community of support through an engaging and empowering communication platform. We are currently looking for enthusiastic and passionate students to join our editorial team. Details linked below! Email all application documents to

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About the Committee

The Graduate Student Mental Health Committee represents the interests and concerns of the graduate student population at the University of Toronto.

Our main objectives currently include the following:

  • Create an organized dialogue between students and administration about graduate student health, wellbeing and counseling needs
  • Provide consultation and advice regarding mental health programming and service
  • Advise the Union regarding insurance and budget issues that are impacted by student mental health
  • Identify educational/informational needs and emerging issues of students regarding mental health
  • Identify and address barriers related to seeking care and provide user feedback around accessibility and ease of use
  • Organize and participate in campus-wide events related to mental health
  • Promote mental health awareness and wellbeing for graduate students through awareness and anti-stigma campaigns
  • Serve as a resource for graduate students seeking mental health care on campus or in the community through providing resources for self-referrals

If you are interested in getting involved with our committee or would like to express a concern about graduate mental health at the University of Toronto, please send us an e-mail at