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 About the Caucus

The International Students’ Caucus shall act as the body that coordinates efforts centered around international graduate students’ interests and concerns. Meetings will be held monthly and will focus on the needs of the caucus’ members and the needs of all international graduate students including social interaction, networking, and potential changes in programming and/or governance at the university, city, and/or provincial levels.


Looking for New Executives

We’re looking for new passionate executives to join the team. The ISC is a group under the UTGSU mainly serves international students’ interests, including academic success, social interaction, and networking. Here you will have the opportunity to propose and run events, practice organization and leadership skills, and networking with professionals. You will get the most support from the ISC and the UTGSU, and most importantly, you will be working with other great people like you! If you are interested, don’t hesitate to send your letter of motivation and resume to



Chair: Gurdeep Singh,

Vice-Chair: Amin Kamaleddin

Secretary: Amirhossein Faroozan Ebrihamy

UTGSU Representative: Alexandre Milovanoff

Communication Director: Adheesh Boratkar

Activities and Event Coordinator: Ida Langroudi


UTGSU Exec Liaison

Leonardo Jose Uribe Castano, Civics & Environment Commissioner,


Past and Current Events (Fall 2018 – Winter 2019)

1. Halloween Night, Oct 31 2018
2. Orientation Pub Night, Oct 5 2018
3. Health Insurance Workshop, Sept 19 2018

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Announced as required. If you would like to join, please email us at

Year-End Report: April 2015

Please see the ISC year-end report here: Year-End Report 2015 [pdf]

Caucus Legislative Program

International Students’ Caucus Legislative Program 2017-2018 [pdf]

Caucus Agenda

This year, the caucus will be focusing its efforts on the following:

a) Organizing a series of workshops informing international students with regards to their specific needs, including:
-Insurance plans about UHIP/GSU
-Permanent Residency options
-Funding opportunities as an international graduate student
b) Providing opportunities for international graduate students to meet and socialize with each other
c) Organizing the UTMUST competition to provide a platform for international students to showcase their research
d) Advocating for improved funding for international graduate students
e) OHIP for all campaign


Want to Get Involved?

Volunteer Leadership Opportunities within the Caucus:

ISC Events Coordinator(s)
This person will be responsible for organizing social gatherings and events for international graduate students. Events will take place on and off campus.

ISC Funding Researcher/Advocate(s)
This person will be responsible for finding all of the funding opportunities available to international graduate students at the University of Toronto. He/she will also be responsible for finding avenues in which the ISC can advocate for improved funding for international graduate students, either through scholarships, bursaries, and/or grants.

ISC Health Insurance Researcher/Advocate(s)
This person will be responsible for learning about how UHIP works and the differences between UHIP and OHIP. He/she will also find avenues in which the ISC can advocate for re-integration of international students into OHIP, either without cost or with a paid premium. Our previous attempts to lobby for changes have found dead ends due to recent changes in the provincial government. Therefore, new strategies will need to be created that can best address this issue.

ISC Secretary
This person will be responsible for taking attendance and meeting minutes at our ISC meetings. He/she will type up all the meeting minutes and send them to the ISC chair for distribution.

ISC City Representative(s)
This person will be responsible for attending the City of Toronto’s International Students Program Organizing Committee meetings. He/she will keep the ISC abreast of all city-sponsored events related to international students and will take ISC feedback to the city in order to improve the city’s current programs.


Contact ISC Chair for more information or to join the ISC listserv!