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 About the Caucus

The International Students’ Caucus shall act as the body that coordinates efforts centered around international graduate students’ interests and concerns at the University of Toronto. Meetings will be held monthly and will focus on the needs of the caucus’ members and the needs of all international graduate students including social interaction, networking, and potential changes in programming and/or governance at the university, city, and/or provincial levels.


Looking for New Executives

We’re looking for new passionate executives to join our team. At ISC, you will have the opportunity to propose and run events, practice organization and leadership skills, and network with professionals. If you are interested, please contact isc chair regarding the available positions:

Facebook page:


Current Executive Members

President: Amin Kamaleddin,

VPs & Event Organizers: Gurdeep Singh, Ina Mauleon, Amir Reza Peimani, Miguel Torres, Mustafa Ammous, Adheesh Boratkar, Chenxi Tang, Ashok Tak, Afrin Bhattacharya


UTGSU Exec Liaison

Leonardo Jose Uribe Castano, Civics & Environment Commissioner,


How ISC Improves the Grad-school Experience for All International Students

Nice to meet you: ISC holds several social activities throughout the year. This includes a Movie Night, Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Party, visiting the Toronto Christmas Market, and multiple Meet&Greet Welcome parties.

Welcome to Canada: We at ISC work hard to remind international students why we all are humbled studying in this beautiful country. Students get to know more about Canada and available opportunities in their new home via our health insurance and permanent residency workshops.

Let’s move it: Sports are among the most popular events organized by ISC. Ice skating in February at The Varsity and indoor soccer in March at Hart House were great opportunities to inform international students regarding the available facilities on campus.

We hear you: ISC is pleased to take several initiatives to better reflect international students’ interest and concerns at all levels. We held two Q&A and brainstorming sessions in February to listen to our peers and find solutions to our shared problems.

Please reach out if you wanna join our vibrant team:


Meetings will be held monthly. If you would like to join, please email us at

Want to Get Involved?

Contact ISC Chair, Amin Kamaleddin:

Please follow our Facebook page to get informed about our future events: httP://