Race & Ethnicity Caucus

Race and Ethnicity Caucus Card


Niyosha Keyzad: rec@utgsu.ca


Farhana Islam

Vice-President Internal Communications

Tayyaba Sakhi

Vice-President External Communications

Kenny Murphy

Vice-President Finance

Vacant position

Alumni Advisor

Shadi Shahkhalili


Zoe David-Delves

Executive Liaison

Cristina Jaimungal: external@utgsu.ca


As announced in the Weekly UTGSU Digest.

News & Events

Please request to join the new REC Facebook group to keep up to date on all current news and events.

About the Caucus

The Race and Ethnicity Caucus (REC) is committed to social justice, community building, and healing for self-identified racialized and/or graduate students of colour at the intersections of gender, ability, age, class, religion, and sexuality at the University of Toronto. REC is committed to advocacy, scholarship, and activism. We are particularly interested in forming networks amongst graduate students of colour across the university in order to provide information, support, and resources. Our activities include regular meetings, social events, reading groups, community dinners, panels, and much more.

REC aims to be a safe space for women, trans people, non-binary gender/gender non-conforming individuals, and sick and disabled people of colour.