Council Meetings

Council Materials

Materials that are relevant to council agenda items but have not been sent in the monthly council mailout (usually due to time or size) will be made available here to allow Councilors to better prepare for upcoming meetings.

AGM 2014 Reports relevant to motions submitted with due notice:

2014 Final Report Student Societies Summit

CFS Final Report of the Task Force on Campus Racism

Meeting Information

The council chair can be reached at:

The council secretary can be reached at:

Meeting Schedule, Agendas, Minutes

Council meeting schedule, agendas and minutes will be posted here throughout the year.

The monthly meetings of the UTGSU Council are open to all graduate students, although only UTGSU reps may speak and vote. Approximately 140 representatives from every course union discuss and vote on various issues.

Over the years Council has dealt with the mundane to the esoteric: preposterous tuition increases, university blunders, student income tax deductions, divestment in South Africa, the War in the Gulf, student involvement in departmental committees, comprehensive exams, childcare at U of T, housing in Toronto, SGS Bursaries, etc.

Council also receives reports from the UTGSU Executive, Staff, and spokespeople for groups on campus and in the community.

2014-2015 UTGSU Council Meetings
(all meetings start at 6:10pm sharp)
June 18
(@ Mechanical Engineering 264)
Agenda Exec Reports Highlights Minutes
September 29
(@ McLennan Physics 202)
Agenda Exec Reports Highlights Minutes
October 22 (Special)
(@ FitzGerald 103*)
October 28
(@ OISE 2212**)
Agenda Exec Reports Highlights Minutes
November 17
(@ McLennan Physics 202)
Agenda No Exec Reports
(see January 2015)
Highlights Minutes
December 1 AGM
(@ McLennan Physics 202)
Agenda Highlights Minutes
December 1
(@ McLennan Physics 202)
Agenda No Exec Reports
(see January 2015)
Highlights Minutes
January 12
(@ McLennan Physics 202)
Agenda Exec Reports Highlights Minutes
February 23
(@ McLennan Physics 202)
Agenda Reports to Council Highlights Minutes
March 30
(@ McLennan Physics 202)
Agenda Exec Reports Highlights Minutes
April 27
(@ Koffler House 108††)
Agenda Exec Reports Highlights Minutes


*Accessibility of FitzGerald 103: accessible, but please use elevator #1 and be cautious.
**Accessibility of OISE 2212: fully accessible.
Accessibility of MP202: accessible through store room MP201. Please contact or 416 978 8464 if you will require use of this access.
††Accessibility of Koffler House 108: fully accessible.

See here for UTGSU General Council materials from previous years.


Bourinot’s Rules of Order

These are the rules which govern UTGSU Council Meetings.

Bourinot’s Rules at a Glance (PDF)

Information on speaking rights for UTGSU members who are not Course Union representatives:

Non-reps may freely attend (and are encouraged to attend) Council meetings. They can be extended speaking rights at the pleasure of the meeting. In other words, if non-reps show up and want to speak (and haven’t been invited to come and speak – as for instance the guests on the agenda) a motion must be put to the meeting to extend these guests speaking rights. The motion would typically be worded as:

BIRT the UTGSU Council extend speaking rights to (name, name, name, etc.) for the duration of the (date and time) meeting.

If the motion passes they will be allowed to speak on any issue raised at council. They will not be allowed to participate in debate on the motion that would extend them speaking rights.

The motion could also be worded so as to limit their speaking rights to a particular item: e.g. BIRT the UTGSU Council extend speaking rights to (name, name, etc.) for agenda item (#) at the (date, time) meeting.

It would be a sign of respect to the council, the chair and the GSU if such guests would introduce themselves to the chair before call the meeting to order.

Family Care Allowance

The UTGSU Executive adopted a family care allowance policy, which is in effect immediately and retroactively to the Council meeting of January 27, 2002. The text of the policy is below. Please contact Carol Ramm to claim remuneration.

* BIRT UTGSU provide allowance for family care expenses to UTGSU Council representatives while attending a UTGSU Council meeting. Allowances will also be provided to UTGSU appointees attending GSU related events, as approved by UTGSU Executive. Expenses will be paid as follows:
1. coverage for the duration of the meeting or event, plus two hours travel time (one hour coming and one hour return), to a maximum of five hours per event.
2. child care up to $10 per hour for one child; additional $5 per hour per additional child.
3. other family care expenses: allowance for items such as eldercare and care for disabled dependants to be determined on a case-by-case basis.