Council Meetings

2016-2017 UTGSU General Council Meeting Schedule and Documents

2016-2017 UTGSU Council Meetings
(all meetings usually start at 6:10pm sharp*)
July 19

(Koffler House, Room 108)

Agenda No Exec Reports Highlights Minutes
 September 27

(Banting Institute, Room 131)

Agenda  Exec Reports  Highlights  Minutes
October 26

(OISE, Room 2212)

Agenda Exec Reports  Highlights Minutes
November 15

(Banting Institute, Room 131)

Agenda Exec Reports  Highlights Minutes
December 06 Annual Meeting

(Banting Institute, Room 131)

Agenda No Exec Reports  Highlights Minutes
December Council

(Banting Institute, Room 131)

Agenda Exec Reports  Highlights Minutes
January 31

(Wilson Hall- New College,

Room 1016)

Agenda  Exec Reports Highlights Minutes
 February 28

(Wilson Hall-New College,

Room 1016)

Agenda  Exec Reports  Highlights  Minutes
 March 28

(Wilson Hall- New College,

Room 1016)

 Agenda  Exec Reports Highlights  Minutes
 April 25

(Koffler House, Room 108)

Agenda Exec Reports Highlights  Minutes


If you have any accessibility needs, please contact

⇒Wilson Hall-New College Rm. 1017 | Fully Accessible. All floors are served by elevator. Washroom located on the 1st floor in the basement. Door is wide and easy to open.

⇒Koffler House Room 108 | Fully Accessible. Meeting is on first floor. All floors are served by elevator. Washrooms are located on each floor. Door is wide and easy to open.

⇒For more information on building accessibility, please click here.

⇒If you have other accessibility needs, please contact:

UTGSU Council Member Engagement

The UTGSU encourages the full active participation of its Course Union members. Participation comes in many forms: attending and contributing to a discussion, volunteering to join a committee, and submitting a motion. The monthly meetings of the UTGSU Council are open to all graduate students, although only UTGSU Representatives may speak and vote. Approximately 160 Representatives from every Course Union discuss and vote on various issues.

Over the years Council has dealt with the mundane to the esoteric, such as preposterous tuition increases, university blunders, student income tax deductions, divestment in South Africa, the War in the Gulf, student involvement in departmental committees, comprehensive exams, childcare at U of T, housing in Toronto, SGS Bursaries, etc.

Council also receives reports from the UTGSU Executive and spokespeople for groups on campus and in the community. Each UTGSU community member’s contribution is valuable and highly welcomed.


For general or logistical enquires:

For specific content issues surrounding Council meetings:

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 Supplemental Council Materials

  • Materials that are relevant to council agenda items but have not been sent in the monthly council mailout will be made available here to allow Councillors to better prepare for upcoming meetings.

 Bourinot’s Rules of Order

UTGSU Council Meetings are governed by Bourinot’s Rules of Order.

Speaking Rights for UTGSU Members

All UTGSU Members are encouraged to attend General Council meetings and may be extended speaking rights if they have something relevant to contribute to a specific discussion. To attain speaking rights, the Member should ask their Course Union Representative to move a motion once the meeting reaches the item they wish to speak to. The motion would typically be worded as:

BIRT the UTGSU Council extend speaking rights to (name, name, name, etc.) for item (number and name of item).

If the motion passes the Member requesting speaking rights will be allowed to speak. They may not participate in debate on the motion that would extend them speaking rights.

Dependent Care

The UTGSU Executive adopted a Dependent Care allowance policy to help UTGSU Members cover the cost of care while attending a UTGSU Council meeting (Policy 07 Dependent Care in UTGSU Policy). Please contact for questions regarding reimbursement claims.

View Old Council Documents

Please make an appointment with to come in and view the minute books in the record’s room at the UTGSU offices if you wish to view old Council documents.