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Cristina Jaimungal, External Commissioner


Norin Taj (norin.taj@mail.utoronto.ca)

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Katherine Peter (Music)
Paolo Frasca


As announced in the Weekly UTGSU Digest.

About the Committee

The Equity & Advocacy Committee coordinates efforts to deal with issues of social justice and engage in campaigns to combat all forms of discrimination and social inequity that intersects with the University and wider community. As well, the Committee acts together with other community and campus groups in this work. Make your voice heard at the University of Toronto. Join the Equity & Advocacy Committee to transform this institution and contribute to a more equitable society for all.

Equity & Advocacy Committee Legislative Program

Equity & Advocacy Committee Legislative Program 2016-2017

Equity & Advocacy Committee News

December 15 2015: Letter of Solidarity re: in light of recent events against individuals of Muslim Faith (RPE Statement)

Equity & Advocacy Committee Agendas

Agenda (2015-2016) Highlights (2015-2016)
March March 22 2016
December December 1 2015
November November17 2015

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Agendas (2013-14) Highlights (2013-14)
September 2013 Agenda: September 19 Highlights: September 19
October 2013 Agenda: October 3
Highlights: October 3
No Quorum
Agenda: October 23 Highlights: October 24
November 2013  Agenda: November 7 Highlights: November 7
No Quorum
Agenda: November 21 November 21 (Cancelled)
December 2013  Agenda: December 4  Highlights: December 4
January 2014  Agenda: January 9
Rescheduled: January 22
 January 9 (Cancelled)
Highlights: January 22
February 2014 Agenda: February 5


Agendas (2012-13)
September 2012 September 27th 2012
October 2012 October 11th 2012
October 22nd 2012
November 2012 November 19th 2012
December 2012 December 4th 2012
January 2013 January 31st 2013
February 2013 February 14th 2013
February 28th 2013
March 2013 March 28th 2013