Equity and Advocacy Committee

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Equity and Advocacy Committee Representatives

Chair: Cristina Jaimungal, External Commissioner

Vice-Chair: Norin Taj, norin.taj@mail.utoronto.ca

Communications Coordinator: Paolo Frascà, paolo.frasca@mail.utoronto.ca

Finance Coordinator: Ismail Abouamal, ismail.abouamal@utoronto.ca


As announced in the Weekly UTGSU Digest.

About the Committee

The Equity & Advocacy Committee coordinates efforts to deal with issues of social justice and engage in campaigns to combat all forms of discrimination and social inequity that intersects with the University and wider community. As well, the Committee acts together with other community and campus groups in this work. Make your voice heard at the University of Toronto. Join the Equity & Advocacy Committee to transform this institution and contribute to a more equitable society for all.

Equity & Advocacy Committee Legislative Program

Equity & Advocacy Committee Legislative Program 2016-2017

Get Involved!

Interested in getting involved with the Equity and Advocacy Committee? Email the External Commissioner, Cristina, at external@utgsu.ca for more information.