Finance Committee

About the Committee

The Finance Committee is the standing committee of the Union with the mandate of overseeing UTGSU funds and  finances. The Finance Committee works in collaboration with the UTGSU Finance Office and Executive Committee to prepare the Union’s annual budget and financial estimates. In addition, the Finance Committee regularly reviews the Union’s financial policies, proposing new or amended financial policies as deemed necessary, and also oversees the administration and allocation of the Union’s Conference Bursaries, Special Grants, Conference and Academic Engagement Grants, Graduate Community Development Fund (GCDF) Awards, and all donations made by the UTGSU.

The Finance Committee is composed of seven (7) Members: the UTGSU Finance Commissioner, who acts as the Committee’s Chair; an additional Member of the UTGSU’s Executive Committee, who acts as the Committee’s Vice-Chair; the UTGSU’s Financial Administrator; and four (4) UTGSU Members elected by the UTGSU’s General Council/Board-of-Directors and who represent each of the four (4) School of Graduate Studies’ (SGS) academic divisions: Humanities (Div. I), Social Sciences (Div. II), Physical Sciences (Div. III), and Life Sciences (Div. IV). Both the Finance Committee Chair and the UTGSU’s Financial Administrator are non-voting Members of the Finance Committee.


Branden Rizzuto – Finance Commissioner


Sophie McGibbon-Gardner – Academics and Funding Commissioner (Div. III and IV)

Financial Administrator

Nusrat Huq

Divisional Representatives

Division I (Humanities): Anna Cwikla
Division II (Social Sciences): Emma Findlay-White
Division III (Physical Sciences): Lisa Labine
Division IV (Life Sciences): Sarah Murphy

2018/2019 Finance Committee Legislative Program

As a standing committee of the UTGSU, the Finance Committee annually prepares a legislative program which outlines the Committee’s main objectives for that given Financial Year (September 1st – August 31st). The legislative program is proposed and voted upon at the October meeting of the UTGSU’s General Council/Board-of-Directors. The Finance Committee’s legislative program for the 2018-2019 Financial Year can be found here: 2018/2019 Finance Committee Legislative Program

2018/2019 Finance Committee Agendas & Meeting Highlights

Agendas Highlights
May 2018 Agenda: May 18th Highlights: May 18th
June 2018 Agenda: June 4th Highlights: June 4th
July 2018 Agenda: July 10th Highlights: July 10th
August 2018 Agenda: August 30th Highlights: August 30th
September 2018 Agenda: September 17th Highlights: September 17th
October 2018 Agenda: October 9th Highlights: October 9th
October 2018 Agenda: October 23rd Highlights: October 23rd
November 2018 Agenda: November 6th Highlights: November 6th
November 2018 Agenda: November 19th Highlights: November 19th
December 2018 Agenda: December 3rd  Highlights: December 3rd
January 2019 Agenda: January 9th Highlights: January 9th
January 2019 Agenda: January 30th Highlights: January 30th
February 2019 Agenda: February 13th Highlights: February 13th
March 2019 Agenda: March 13th  Highlights: March 13th 
March 2019 Agenda: March 20th  Highlights: March 20th
March 2019 Agenda: March 27th Highlights: March 27th
April 2019 Agenda: April 10th Highlights: April 10th
April 2019 Agenda: April 24th Highlights: April 24th

Contact Information

If you have any questions related to the UTGSU Finance Committee, please email the UTGSU Finance Commissioner at