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Branden Rizzuto


Nusrat Huq, Financial Administrator

Division Reps

Division 1 (Humanities): Anna Cwikla (Religious Studies)
Division 2 (Social Sciences): Lynne Alexandrova (OISE)
Division 3 (Physical Sciences): Conor Zeer-Wanklyn (Chemistry)
Division 4 (Life Sciences): Lucy Bartlett (Occupational Science and Therapy)

About the Committee

The Finance Committee, which is comprised of two executive members, the Finance Administrator and four student representatives, one from each of the four divisions, deals with the Union’s finances. It prepares proposals on fiscal policy and financial estimates for the consideration of the Executive Committee. The committee also prepares the Special Grants and the Conference Grants allocations. As per the recent donations policy, donation requests are submitted and approved by the finance committee.

Finance Committee Agendas & Highlights

Agendas (2013-14) Highlights (2013-14)
April 2014 Agenda: April 7 Highlights: April 7
March 2014 Agenda: March 18 Highlights: March 18
February 2014 Agenda: February 7 Highlights: February 7
January 2014 Agenda: January 6 Highlights: January 6
October 2013 Agenda: October 11 Highlights: October 11
Agenda: October 4 Highlights: October 4
September 2013 Agenda: September 17 Highlights: September 17
Agenda: September 26 Highlights: September 26


Donation Request Form

The UTGSU supports student, community, and staff initiatives through several channels including small in-kind and monetary donations. Any student or student group, except a course union of the UTGSU or a levy group, is eligible to request donation. Course unions and levy group can request that the UTGSU make a donation to another unaffiliated organization. Partnerships and co-sponsorship on particular events and activities are not considered donations. The Finance committee of the UTGSU has recently approved a new donations request form that all individuals requesting donations have to complete.