Graduate Community Development Fund

The Graduate Community Development Fund (GCDF) was created in partnership with the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) at the University of Toronto in March 2017 to provide merit-based equity awards recognizing exceptional students on campus for their contributions to the graduate experience. The deadline to apply for these awards is 11:59PM on November 15, 2017.

Application Form

The following application form and its documents must be completed and submitted to by November 15, 2017 at 11:59PM.

Application Form [PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When does the application window close?
The application window closes on November 15, at 11:59PM. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Can I apply to multiple awards at the same time?
Yes, you are able to apply to as many applicable categories as possible but you will only be eligible to receive one award per academic year. Also, you cannot receive more than two awards per degree, meaning that you can only win one award during your Master’s program, and one award during your Doctoral program.

I want to join the Awards Sub-Committee. Can I still apply for the GCDF?
No, if you are part of the Awards Sub-Committee you will not be able to apply for the GCDF. 

What is the financial need criteria for this award?
Applicants must have an anticipated net income (excluding student loans such as OSAP, bank loans, private sponsors) of less than $15,000 between September 1st 2017 and August 31st 2018 after the payment of tuition fees. Your net income is reflective of the pay you take home after all of the deductions have been taken from your paycheque.

For example, if a person makes $1,250/month but has $150 in reductions, their net amount is $1,100/month or $13,200/year.

Do I need to submit a budget with my financial information?
No, you will not be required to submit a budget.

How do you define a “dependent” for the Caregiver Award?
The UTGSU Finance Committee defines “dependent” as anyone who receives financial, emotional, and/or physical support from the applicant, which can include but is not limited to: food, housing, and medical care.

If I am a first-generation immigrant, can I still apply for the International Students Award?
The International Students category is restricted only to students who are registered at The University of Toronto as International Students and pay international tuition fees for their program.

Can I still apply for the IBPOC Students Award if I do not have Status?
Yes, you are able to apply if you do not have Status.The IBPOC Award is for people who self-identify as racialized – either as an Indigenous, Black, and/or a Person(s) of Color.


If you still have questions after reviewing the FAQs, please email Brie, the Finance and University Governance Commissioner, at: