How does this work?

You can print a card from the website, add your student number and present it to a Dentist, Pharmacist or another Health Provider and you will not have to pay the full amount. Members will be able to use the electronic claims submission after the “hold” period is over. For claims processing, students will experience a ‘hold’ period throughout September and October (January and February for Winter students) while enrolment data is in transfer from the University to the broker and verified for final transfer to the insurer, Green Shield Canada.

During this two-month ‘hold’ period new students should refrain from contacting Green Shield directly until after the ‘hold’ period has expired as Green Shield’s customer service staff will have no data with which to confirm your plan enrolment, nor identify your plan details.


Are you encountering problems with the Pay-Direct claims?

Is your Dentist, Pharmacist or Health Provider encountering problems with direct billing? Is your claim being rejected? Following are the reasons why this may occur:

  1. Though you are a member of the UTGSU, you may not have paid the premium that entitles you to these benefits. In this case, you should check your financial account on ROSI. If you have paid the incidental fees for the health and dental plans, please send an email to: and we will follow-up with the Administration to confirm your status.
  2. You began your program in the Winter Semester or Summer Semester and were not added to the file that was sent to the broker. In which case, please send an email to: and we will follow-up with the Administration to confirm your status.
  3. You are a new student in the plan and the billing attempt is being made during their ‘hold’ period. During this time, new students will need to pay the full amount of the service or item out-of-pocket, and make a claim for reimbursement by mail.
  4. The Dentist, Pharmacist or health service provider, while attempting the claim electronically, is not entering the required fields correctly. Green Shield’s electronic claims system is designed to automatically reject claims where the service provider has entered one or more fields incorrectly. The provider can get the assistance they need to correct the problem by contacting Green Shield directly at 1-888-711-1119.