Professional Graduate Students’ Caucus

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The Professional Graduate Students’ Caucus is the UTGSU’s newest caucus, composed of graduate students in professional programs to discuss their unique needs and foster collaboration between programs.

What is a Professional Program?

A professional program is by default not a research program, emphasizing skills for the workplace and preparations for a career outside of academia. Professional students rarely receive funding for their tuition or TA-ships. Some programs have thesis options, and varying levels of research opportunities with faculty.  The University of Toronto has over 50 professional graduate programs.

2017-18 Priorities

  • networking and professional development activities outside of class, and across programs
  • communication of events between programs/faculties
  • opportunities for interdisciplinary research collaboration
  • advocacy and support for professional students to the graduate student union and diverse faculties where students from different programs share classes and services

Getting Involved

The PGSC is looking to fill Executive positions for the 2017-2018 academic year.

For more information or to join the listserv, email the chair at
Events will be advertised via the UTGSU Digest, listserv, and Facebook page.

2016-2017 Executives

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 David Gafni


Ayesha Amin
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Vice Chair Academics

Tatjana Popovic 

Vice Chair, Student Life

Vicky La
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Vice Chair, Policy and Governance

Scott Surphlis