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Maryssa Barras, Interim Internal Commissioner

Standing Invitation for New Committee Members

Interested in Legislating? Then Policy and Operations is the UTGSU Standing Committee for you: motivated U of T Graduate Students are invited — on an ongoing basis — who have experience with or interest in constitutional, corporate, and human rights law, policy and equity studies, or political philosophy to deliberate and help shape up our Union’s legislation and governance practices. Those willing to learn from scratch are equally welcome to join!

The volume and scope of work on this important Standing Committee is suitable for a variety of schedules, attendance formats and thematic preferences. Depending on your experience in governance and academic specialization, you can engage with any and all focus areas — brushing up existing documentation, conceptualizing the Union’s restructuring according to Not-for-profit Corporations Act legislation, (re)formulating housekeeping bylaws/policies concerning appeals, elections, and UTGSU’s own student mental & overall health legislation.

Please drop an email with interest/experience to the Interim Internal Commissioner Maryssa Barras at internal@utgsu.ca


As announced in the Weekly UTGSU Digest

About the Committee

The UTGSU functions by way of a number of governing documents, including bylaws and policies which determine how students access the Union’s various services, and which outline the basic principles upon which the Union is guided. The Policy and Operations Committee acts as the body which coordinates efforts to deal with policy implementation and oversight of services. This Committee is also empowered to make recommendations to General Council on these matters.

The Committee’s base membership shall, at minimum, consist of:

  • The Internal Commissioner who shall act as Chairperson of the committee (non-voting; will only vote to break tie votes as per Rules of Order);
  • A general member who shall act as Vice-Chairperson of the committee (voting);
  • Two additional general members of the Union (voting).

The above base membership of the committee shall serve as quorum for the committee.

The Committee is open to participation from all members of the Union. New members shall gain voting rights at the second Committee meeting which they attend.