Research Education and Governance Committee

REG Committee LogoThe Research, Education and Governance Committee (REG) is mandated to “coordinate the work of Council on all matters of an academic nature within the University, as well as serve as the body to organize all Union activity within the University’s governance structure, including student finances.” It is recommended that the committee focused on the following areas:

  • Accessibility
    • Accessibility Services (provided by Student Life) recently underwent a review that provided recommendations, specifically naming graduate students as a targeted population. Committees of REG will work to implement these recommendations within the Union, as well as seek to provide tangible actions to Student Life.
  • Student Representation
    • There are several seats on various UofT governing bodies and committees that have not been filled by members of the Executive Committee. Committee members of REG will work to ensure that graduate students are represented.
  • Advocacy
    • Students are still facing barriers when seeking assistance from the institution. REG should investigate the possibility of creating a streamlined resource around student rights, providing best directions for students to take with self-advocacy.
  • Graduate/Family Housing
    • The University of Toronto has retained NBLC and Brook McIlroy to develop a housing strategy for the St. George Campus, with the expectation that a report will be delivered in January 2018. REG should work on this report once it has been released, as well as gather feedback from graduate students.


To get involved with the Committee, email Sam, the Chair of REG, at