Tax Help

Throughout the year, but especially during those last few weeks for filings, students are always posing questions around income tax. Clearly this utterly fascinating topic gets a lot of interest for graduate students, so here are some of the major services and resources which are available to graduate students!

The GSU, as a member of the Canadian Federation of Students, offers free access to Ufile for students to fill out their tax returns (look for “students file free”):

The Canada Revenue Agency also provides tax information for especially tailored for the needs of students:

As well, you may be able to get help at the CRA’s Community clinics for low-income individuals with simple tax returns:

While, our international student members should check out:

In the past, Cecil Community Centre (College/Spadina) has offered free income tax clinics for residents of Canada with income below $20,000 single/$30,000 family.  If this becomes available in future, we will let you know. Their contact number is: 416-392-1090.

The Union also had once offered regular tax clinics, but this has been sorely attended in past years.
If there is renewed interest in a tax clinic for the coming year, please contact